You is kind. You is smart. You is important.
Kathryn Stockett, The Help (via kushandwizdom)

No one ever trusted me. At least not my past relationship, now including my current. I’ve always been accused of being a man whore or I talk to a lot of girls or I flirt. No matter how much of my life I give to them, most of it.

I dont know. Im starting to doubt myself too. Im not sure i trust myself either.

I look at you and see all the ways a soul can bruise, and I wish I could sink my hands into your flesh and light lanterns along your spine so you know that there’s nothing but light when I see you.
Shinji Moon, The Anatomy of Being (via quoted-books)




this is my love letter to azlyrics for not being annoying as fuck like other lyric websites




I kind of want to cry

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Hello, Vegas

Anonymous asked:
Have you ever been high?